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Latest Article from Asaf Romirowsky

Corrupted from Birth: The UNRWA's Forgotten History

February 25, 2024  •  The National Interest

The discovery of a Hamas server farm beneath the United Nations Relief and Relief Agency (UNRWA) 's Gaza headquarters culminates a catastrophic few months for the world's largest welfare organization. Israeli intelligence recently found that at least a dozen UNRWA employees were directly involved in the October 7 massacres, and at least 1,200 had ties to Hamas. In addition, UN Watch released a report showing that over 3,000 UNRWA employees cheered on the October 7 report on private communications channels.

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Latest Article from Michael Freund

Palestine is dead: No one will ever be able to make a Palestinian state

February 23, 2024  •  Jerusalem Post

In recent weeks, various leaders of Western countries have publicly broached the idea of the unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state, asserting that the time has come to give the Palestinians independence, even in the absence of a negotiating process.

UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron and more recently French President Emmanuel Macron have floated this suggestion, despite the ongoing war in Gaza.

But what these esteemed statesmen have apparently failed to grasp is that the very idea of a Palestinian state is no longer geographically viable, morally acceptable, or even politically tolerable to the overwhelming majority of Israelis.

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Latest Article from Clifford May

Murder in the Gulag
Alexei Navalny, Vladimir Putin's only serious rival, has been eliminated

February 21, 2024  •  The Washington Times

While Tucker Carlson was marveling over the opulence of Moscow's subways, Alexei Navalny died in the "Polar Wolf" prison camp in northern Siberia.

Mr. Navalny was Russia's most prominent dissident, the only serious opponent to Vladimir Putin who, for more than 20 years, has held this vast and troubled land in a tightening stranglehold.

Mr. Navalny's supporters called him the "hero of the new era." That era is now, at best, very far off.

Earlier this month, Mr. Carlson conducted a two-hour interview with Mr. Putin. What did the Russian strongman have to say about the charismatic rival he incarcerated 40 miles above the Arctic Circle in the sunless winter?

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Latest Article from Judith Miller

A Clear Blue Sky Over Israel
What one survivor of Hamas's October 7 atrocities saw at the Nova music festival

February 21, 2024  •  City Journal

The contrasts are what haunt Millet Ben Haim when she thinks about Hamas's October 7 attack. As she lay on the ground, hidden in brush, with the sound of bullets and rockets growing ever closer, she looked up at the sky. It was clear blue—and then she saw a butterfly. "It was so beautiful," she said. "I thought I was going to die, but that the world would go on. There was beauty around me, along with the butchery."

She was panicked but occasionally calm. She wanted to live but prayed that a rocket would hit her. "I had been in the army," she said. "So I knew what would happen to us if we were caught—rape, torture, a slow death."

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Latest Article from Ilan Berman

Moscow Is Waging War On Ukrainian Identity, And Belarus Is Helping

February 18, 2024  •  The Hill

Russia's war on Ukrainian identity is intensifying. For nearly two years now, the Kremlin has been attempting to dominate its western neighbor through military means. Over time, however, it has become clear that another objective of this campaign is the wholesale erasure of Ukrainian identity and culture. To be sure, this struggle didn't start in February 2022. A tug-of-war over Ukrainian identity (and history) has taken place in some fashion between Kyiv and Moscow since Ukraine's independence in 1991 — and in earnest since Russia's 2014 invasion of Ukraine and its subsequent unilateral annexation of Crimea. Nevertheless, this contest has intensified dramatically since the start of the Kremlin's "special military operation." To wit, Moscow has intentionally targeted Ukrainian schools, according to Ukrainian sources, in order to hit "soft targets" and disrupt education in Ukraine. A spring 2023 report by the Center for Information Resilience documented more than 350 of attacks by Russia on Ukrainian educational institutions, such as schools and universities, and posited that these facilities were not collateral damage but the "main target of specific strikes." Russia is also decimating Ukraine's cultural and linguistic heritage. Russian military strikes have "damaged thousands of cultural heritage sites, including those protected by UNESCO," The Insider, a Russian opposition news portal, reports. In places like Kherson, Russian forces have destroyed Ukrainian language books, while in Donetsk, local Kremlin-approved authorities have stopped offering instruction in the Ukrainian language in schools altogether. Most directly, Russia has begun the large-scale deportation and reeducation of Ukrainian minors from occupied Ukrainian territories. As of mid-2023, the Russian government itself officially estimated that "more than 700,000" Ukrainian children had been forcibly transferred to Russia, a practice that it justified as necessary for their own protection. But the alleged safekeeping of Ukrainian children seems to be the farthest thing from Moscow's mind. Rather, Russia has been internationally condemned for operating multiple "reeducation" camps designed to instill loyalty to Moscow, and hatred of Kyiv, among Ukraine's youngest prisoners of war — something that constitutes a grave breach of the international laws of armed conflict. These efforts follow a certain twisted logic. Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly intoned that Russians and Ukrainians constitute "one people." His efforts are therefore designed to ensure that no alternative identity is available to Ukrainians who believe otherwise.

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Latest Article from Jonathan Schanzer

The UN agency that's supposed to aid Palestinian refugees has only made things worse

February 8, 2024  •  Boston Globe

A growing bipartisan group of legislators is calling to permanently end American taxpayer support for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency amid accusations that it took part in the Oct. 7 Hamas attack on Israel. But there's another reason for Democrats and Republicans to unify behind the plan to replace UNRWA: The agency denies millions of Palestinians their basic human rights.

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Latest Article from Tevi Troy

The Takeover Artists
Review of 'The Rebels' by Joshua Green

February 2024  •  Commentary

We read constantly about the changes in the GOP and how it is no longer George W. Bush's party, or even Ronald Reagan's. But what about the changes in the Democratic Party—which may, in fact, be more consequential and further-reaching? That is the subject of Joshua Green's The Rebels, a portrait of the Democratic Party's lurch to the left.

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Latest Article from Soeren Kern

European Islamists Ignore — or Celebrate — Hamas's October 7 Massacre

November 22, 2023  •  Focus on Western Islamism

Islamists in Europe have overwhelmingly come out in support of Hamas's October 7 massacre of more than 1,200 Israelis. That support has been expressed in different ways: explicitly approving of Hamas's murder, rape and abduction of Israeli civilians; justifying the crimes by blaming Israel; and by remaining silent and refusing to condemn Hamas publicly.

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Latest Article from Henry I. Miller M.D.

Mask Up Again? As COVID Cases Rise, Look To Science And Not Pundits or Politicians
Politicizers and minimizers of the pandemic continue to spread disinformation about both the effectiveness and safety of masks

September 7, 2023  •  American Council on Science & Health

I can't believe we're having this discussion in September 2023, just as the fall respiratory virus season commences and we're experiencing a new wave of COVID-19, but the politicizers of COVID won't let up. Senator J.D. Vance (R-OH) this week introduced legislation that "would prohibit any federal official, including the President, from issuing mask mandates applying to domestic air travel, public transit systems, or primary, secondary, and post-secondary schools."

There was also the ill-timed article by John Tierney in City Journal on August 27th claiming that "maskaholics are incorrigible" and everyone should reject masks because "we're rational."

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Latest from Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi's Blog

The Tribal Uprising Against the Syrian Democratic Forces in Dayr al-Zur: Interview

September 4, 2023

While the ongoing protests in Syria's southern province of al-Suwayda' against the Syrian government and its policies are noteworthy, the tribal uprising in the eastern countryside of the eastern province of Dayr al-Zur against the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) is arguably of greater significance, as it amounts to an actual armed revolt that has posed a serious challenge to the SDF's authority over the area- an authority that was only established because of the American-led campaign against the Islamic State. In turn the revolt raises very serious issues about U.S. policy in the region and the supposed ongoing American mission to ensure the "enduring defeat" of the Islamic State.

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