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Featured Writers on the Pundicity Network

The following is a list of the featured writers on the Pundicity network, and the latest posting of each:

Name Latest Item
Ilan Berman How The Kremlin Exploits Counterterrorism
Matthew Brodsky The UN Human Rights Council is a Sham and the U.S. is Right to Leave It
Michael Freund Stop taking Evangelical support for granted
Soeren Kern Europe: Ramadan Roundup, 2018
Clifford May Trump's bunker buster video blockbuster
Judith Miller Loyalty to Self
Asaf Romirowsky Why Did the Mennonite Central Committee Fund a Booklet Calling on Israelis Not to Serve in the IDF?
Jonathan Schanzer Kuwait and Oman Are Stuck in Arab No Man's Land
Tevi Troy Learning to Like Ike

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