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Featured Writers on the Pundicity Network

The following is a list of the featured writers on the Pundicity network, and the latest posting of each:

Name Latest Item
Ilan Berman 4 Key Takeaways From Director Of National Intelligence Dan Coats Testimony About Iran
Matthew Brodsky Are Israel and Iran on the Path to War?
Uzay Bulut The Widespread Persecution of Converts to Christianity
Michael Freund Israel must stand with India against Pakistani-backed terror
Soeren Kern A Month of Multiculturalism in Germany: January 2019
Clifford May The benefits of strategic communications and warfare
Judith Miller We're in a partial government shutdown, so what's it like to visit Grand Canyon right now? Let me tell you...
Asaf Romirowsky Americans' Two Conceptions of Israel
Jonathan Schanzer Why has Human Rights Watch become an anti-Israel activist group?
Tevi Troy 2018: A Year in Reading

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