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Latest Article from Matthew RJ Brodsky

Trump Administration Withholds $65 Million from UNRWA after Inflammatory Abbas Speeches

January 17, 2018  •  Perspectives with Tracy Alexander / i24News

Matthew RJ Brodsky joins Senior Diplomatic Correspondent Nina Larsen on i24News "Perspectives" with Tracy Alexander to discuss the Trump administration's decision to slash American funding to the UN Relief Works Agency (UNRWA), the corrupt UN agency ostensibly charged with providing for Palestinian refugees but which also provides cover for the Hamas terrorist group in Gaza among other abuses of its mandate. Brodsky explains why cutting its funding is in both America's and Israel's interest.

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Latest Article from Ilan Berman

A New Approach To Iran

January 17, 2018  •  U.S. News & World Report

The recent protests in Iran may be petering out, but the White House is ramping up its response to them. Last week, in tandem with his most recent decision to prolong the controversial 2015 Iran nuclear deal for another three months, President Trump opened a new front against the Islamic Republic by levying fresh human rights sanctions on a number of key regime figures and institutions. The targets included Sadegh Amoli Larijani, the powerful head of Iran's Judiciary, who was blacklisted for "for ordering, controlling, or otherwise directing, the commission of serious human rights abuses against persons in Iran or Iranian citizens or residents." Sanctioned, too, were institutions like Iran's "Supreme Council of Cyberspace" and the cyberwarfare arm of Iran's clerical army, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, both of which were complicit in limiting access to the internet during Iran's unrest. The designations are noteworthy for at least three reasons.

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Latest Article from Michael Freund

Time to impose sanctions on the Palestinian Terror Authority

January 14, 2018  •  Jerusalem Post

A Palestinian gunman near Nablus (Shechem) unleashed a hail of 21 bullets at an Israeli car on Tuesday – an atrocity that should prompt a thorough reassessment of how Jerusalem and Washington view the hostile entity known as the Palestinian Authority.

With the pull of a trigger, the terrorist murdered Rabbi Raziel Shevach, 35, turning his wife into a widow and his six small children – all under the age of 10 – into orphans, denying them the love of a father and destroying their innocence and childhood.

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Latest Article from Soeren Kern

The Islamization of Germany in 2017: Part I
January - June 2017

January 11, 2018  •  Gatestone Institute

The Muslim population of Germany surpassed six million in 2017 to become approximately 7.2% of the overall population of 83 million, according to calculations by the Gatestone Institute.

A recent Pew Research Center study on the growth of the Muslim population in Europe estimated that Germany's Muslim population had reached five million by the middle of 2016, but that number is short by at least a million.

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Latest Article from Asaf Romirowsky

The U.N. Agency That Keeps Palestinians From Prospering

January 11, 2018  •  The Wall Street Journal

Frustrated by Palestinian intransigence, the Trump administration has reportedly frozen $125 million of the American contribution to the internationally funded welfare agency for Palestinian "refugees," the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East.

Mr. Trump had expressed his irritation with the agency, known by the acronym Unrwa, in a characteristic tweet, noting that the U.S. provides "HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS a year" and gets "no appreciation or respect" from Palestinians. Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the U.N., echoed the sentiment, saying the U.S. would use funding as leverage "until the Palestinians are agreeing to come back to the negotiation table."

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Latest Article from Clifford May

European Union declines to support oppressed Iranians

January 10, 2018  •  The Washington Timess

It's tempting to say that Europe's leaders lack the courage of their convictions. But that would imply that they have convictions. The evidence suggests those days are gone.

In particular, Europe's leaders have been conspicuously unmoved by the spectacle of Iranians, day after day, taking to the streets in dozens of cities and towns, risking arrest, torture and death to protest their oppression and impoverishment by a religious class that has been Iran's ruling class for almost two generations.

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Latest Article from Jonathan Schanzer

The Biggest Sanctions-Evasion Scheme in Recent History

January 4, 2018  •  The Atlantic

Yesterday, Turkish banker Mehmet Hakan Atilla was found guilty in a Manhattan courtroom for a range of financial crimes. His dramatic trial revealed that tens of billions in dollars and gold moved from Turkey to Iran through a complex network of businesses, banks, and front companies.

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Latest Article from Tevi Troy

2017: The Year in Books

December 26, 2017  •  National Review Online

For my reading in 2017, I was hoping to get a handle on what was going on in our strange political environment. I have always felt that conservatives have had a healthy skepticism of the accepted conventional wisdom as they seek to understand what is going on beyond Washington, D.C., and the blue urban centers on both coasts. Unfortunately, this skepticism was not penetrating enough in 2016, argue my friends Chris Buskirk and Seth Leibsohn in American Greatness: How Conservatism, Inc. Missed the 2016 Election and What the D.C. Establishment Needs to Learn. Both Leibsohn and Buskirk come from the West Coast Straussian Claremont orbit, and they have little patience for misinterpretations of Strauss. As they put it in a nice turn of phrase, confusing "Straussianism" with neoconservatism is "a confusion or blending no student of Leo Strauss' would ever imagine." More broadly, the two acknowledge that the media are dominated by the Left, but they argue that such dominance does not let conservatives off the hook for failure to get their message out. The conservative establishment that we have counted on until now needs to do more, and better, if conservatism is to thrive in the future.

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Latest Article from Judith Miller

Rebuilding America First

December 19, 2017  •  City Journal

It says much about the state of America that the fatal train derailment in Tacoma, Washington virtually overshadowed the unveiling of President Donald Trump's "America First" national security strategy in Washington, D.C. Trump opened his speech with condolences to the families of the three people killed and dozens wounded in the Amtrak crash. "It is all the more reason why we must first start by repairing the infrastructure of the United States," Trump said, referring to the devastating crash.

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Latest Article from Jeff Stier

It's High Time To Cut U.S. Funding For This Troubled International Cancer Agency
The United States has failed to hold the World Health Organization accountable for the nearly $2 billion in U.S. funding WHO receives each year.

December 19, 2017  •  The Federalist

Since Donald Trump's election, international bureaucracies that receive U.S. tax dollars have been on notice that our unchecked government largess to them is about to end. The World Health Organization is one example of a bloated, inefficient agency that is ripe for reform.

As Jeff wrote in June, "WHO is plagued by persistent wasteful spending, utter disregard for transparency, pervasive incompetence, and failure to adhere to even basic democratic standards." The United States has failed to hold the WHO accountable for the nearly $2 billion in U.S. funding WHO receives each year.

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