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Latest Article from Ilan Berman

Beijing's Terrifying Repression Campaigns

September 24, 2020  •  Newsweek

China is fast transforming into the global epicenter of totalitarian terror. Over the past several years, the world has watched in growing horror as news has trickled out about the massive campaign of repression being waged by the Chinese government in its western province of Xinjiang. That offensive—aimed at the region's Uighur Muslim minority—includes the mass internment and "reeducation" of millions, forced sterilization of Uighur women, large-scale slave labor and other policies intended to fundamentally disrupt social and cultural order in the province, and to subjugate it fully to the will of the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP). What is overlooked all too often, however, is that the atrocities being visited upon Xinjiang are not unique. Nor are they an isolated incident brought about by extenuating circumstances. They are, rather, part of a larger political strategy—one that is being ruthlessly implemented at home by the CCP and has profound implications for the rest of the world.

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Latest Article from Clifford May

A separate peace in the Middle East

September 23, 2020  •  The Washington Times

Before there was a Palestinian-Israeli conflict, there was an Arab-Israeli conflict. Last week, on the White House lawn, that older conflict was put to rest.

In normal times, we'd agree that the president deserves a Nobel Peace Prize, and that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict should be next up on Washington's diplomatic to-do list.

But these are not normal times. Prior to the ceremony, I received an email announcing: "Over 50 Organizations/Groups to protest the UAE and Bahrain Normalization with Israel During Deal Signing at the White House."

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Latest Article from Jonathan Schanzer

Israel's next peace deal will be with Sudan

September 23, 2020  •  New York Post

On the heels of the historic peace accords Israel signed last week with Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, another regional deal is now possible. Sudan, once a terror safe harbor, is openly mulling ties with the Jewish state. Another major diplomatic achievement beckons, provided Washington gives the right nudges.

Team Trump is keen for a domino effect. Sudan is just one possibility. Oman, Morocco and Saudi Arabia are also among states reportedly mulling ties with the erstwhile archenemy. The key is momentum. If Sudan steps forward, Arab states will see a new regional order quickly taking shape, one in which Jerusalem is on the same side as regimes that seek to counter Iran and Sunni Islamists.

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Latest Article from Asaf Romirowsky

Facts find no room in the world of BDS

September 21, 2020  •  Jewish News Service (JNS)

The American university now more than ever has become a toxic environment for both students and faculty who express open minds about Israel and the West. Faculty who risk their jobs, tenure and grant funding to speak openly about these matters are in need of help.

First Amendment scholar Harry Kalven Jr. in a 1967 report to the University of Chicago wrote:

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Latest Article from Judith Miller

We face deadly threats that would make the coronavirus seem minor

September 20, 2020  •  The Hill

Threats to national security and prosperity have grown, both at home and abroad, in the 19 years since 9/11, the deadliest ever terrorist attacks on the United States.

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Latest Article from Soeren Kern

Black Appraisals of Black Lives Matter – Part I

September 15, 2020  •  Gatestone Institute

A previous series revealed the anti-American agenda of Black Lives Matter, which, under the guise of fighting racism, seeks to transform the United States into a communist dystopia. BLM's leaders openly admit that they want to abolish the nuclear family, police, prisons and capitalism. BLM leaders have threatened to "burn down the system" if their demands are not met.

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Latest Article from Michael Freund

Kosovo and Serbia - Israel's Balkan blunder

September 10, 2020  •  Jerusalem Post

In a stunning reversal of policy last week, Israel yielded to American pressure and formally recognized the Serbian province of Kosovo as an independent state.

While much of the media greeted this development with excitement and even a bit of glee, we shouldn't allow ourselves to be fooled into thinking that it was a wise decision. It most assuredly was not. By recognizing Kosovo, Israel has committed a major Balkan blunder, one that is not only an affront to history, justice and common sense, but which also undermines the Jewish state's own national interests and is likely to boomerang against us.

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Latest Article from Gary C. Gambill

The End of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

September 6, 2020  •  JNS.org

The normalization agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates announced earlier this month is a relatively minor adjustment in relations between two countries that were never at war and have been growing closer for years, but it heralds the end of the Arab-Israeli conflict as we thought we knew it.

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Latest Article from Henry I. Miller , M.D.

COVID-19 Vaccines Must Be Fully Vetted For Safety And Efficacy Before Release
The proximity of elections should not guide life or death medical decisions

September 5, 2020  •  Issues & Insights

There is widespread anticipation of the availability of vaccines to prevent COVID-19 infections so that Americans can get their lives back to some semblance of normal. About four dozen, made with a variety of technology platforms, are now in clinical trials, nine in large-scale safety/efficacy testing.

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Latest Article from Tevi Troy

The Parties May Miss Conventions

August 10, 2020  •  The Wall Street Journal

Covid-19 forced Democrats and Republicans to rethink how they will hold their political conventions this summer. Both will be mostly virtual affairs, eliminating the handshakes and personal interactions that have shaped the parties for nearly 200 years. In this way, the pandemic is accelerating an evolution that has been in motion for decades. Events that once featured smoke-filled rooms, high drama and unpredictable outcomes are now carefully produced spectacles designed for sending prepackaged messages to voters.

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