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Latest Article from Michael Freund

Patrons of Jerusalem: From Montefiore to Moskowitz

June 23, 2016  •  Jerusalem Post

Down through the centuries, Jerusalem has known many who have sought to occupy and ravage it, from the Roman legions to the Ottoman Turks to the Jordanian military. Each has come and gone, wreaking havoc, plundering the city which has served as the beating heart of the Jewish people since time immemorial.

But despite every ruin the occupiers left behind, every building they tore down and each stone they pried loose, our adversaries could never succeed in severing the eternal Jewish bond to the place.

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Latest Article from Soeren Kern

A Month of Islam in Germany: May 2016
Sharia Police, Erdogan Burgers, More Mass Rapes

June 18, 2016

May 1. The anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD), now the third-most popular political party in Germany, adopted a manifesto calling for curbs to migration and restrictions on Islam. The document calls for a ban on minarets, Muslim calls to prayer and full-face veils.

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Latest Article from Judith Miller

Moshe Ya'alon Says He'll Challenge Netanyahu in Next Election

June 16, 2016  •  Tablet

Hell hath no fury like a politician scorned.

Israel's former Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon shook up Israeli politics on Thursday by announcing that he would challenge his former boss, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, for Israel's top job. Denouncing Netanyahu, though not by name, for having divided "Jews against Arabs, right against left...to get another month or another year in office," Ya'alon accused Israel's leadership of "blinding" Israelis with imaginary "existential threats," such as Iran to distract them from the serious economic and social justice issues confronting the country, including the high cost of living, racism, sexism, and income inequality.

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Latest Article from Clifford May

Terrorism and economic warfare

June 15, 2016  •  The Washington Times

Tel Aviv's Sarona Market bills itself as the "heartbeat of Israeli culinary art." Dozens of small restaurants and shops offer cheese, wine, bread, fish, olives, pasta, burgers — pretty much anything you can imagine and quite a bit that you probably cannot. I had a nice lunch there the other day. Exactly a week later, two Palestinian men sat down in a cafe, ordered dessert, pulled handguns from beneath their dark suit jackets and began firing at everyone in sight.

Four civilians were murdered and more than a dozen wounded before the killers were stopped — one shot by a security guard, the other arrested. The following day, the Sarona Market was up and running again.

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Latest Article from Tevi Troy

The Mystery of Jewish and Asian-American Democratic Loyalty

June 15, 2016  •  The Wall Street Journal

Many of this year's college graduates will cast a vote in a presidential election for the first time in November. If they are Jewish or Asian-American, as we are, the odds are that they will vote Democratic. Among Jews, 78% backed Barack Obama in 2008, and 70% did in 2012, despite a foreign policy that at best could be described as rough on Israel. Asian-American support for Mr. Obama grew between 2008 and 2012, from 62% to an even more lopsided 73%. What accounts for this overwhelming support for Democrats?

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Latest Article from Jonathan Schanzer

Hamas Still Finds Harbor in Turkey

June 9, 2016  •  The Weekly Standard

urkey is one or two meetings away from normalizing ties with Israel, Turkish foreign minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told the media Tuesday. Ties between the two countries have been frosty since 2010, when Ankara sponsored a flotilla to the Gaza Strip, a territory held by the terrorist organization Hamas, in a bid to break the Israeli-led international blockade. Israeli commandos boarded one of the ships, leading to a confrontation that resulted in ten deaths.

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Latest Article from Ilan Berman

Iran's Indian Opening

June 8, 2016  •  Washington Times

Nearly a year after its passage, the nuclear deal with Iran — formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action — remains a political football in Washington. In response to pressure from Tehran, the Obama administration continues to seek ever-greater sanctions relief for the Iranian regime. The justification propounded by administration officials, from Secretary of State John Kerry on down, is that Iran has yet to reap real benefits from the deal and, therefore, a further sweetening of the pot is necessary to ensure its continued compliance with the terms of the deal. In Asia, however, a very different picture is taking shape. Recent weeks have seen Tehran boost bilateral relations with countries such as South Korea and Turkmenistan on everything from trade to security cooperation in a clear indicator that, with the passage of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the Islamic republic is now well and truly out of the sanctions "box." Of the nations seeking to re-engage Iran, however, by far the most significant is India. Long stifled by international sanctions, bilateral ties between Tehran and Delhi are now expanding rapidly — and doing so in ways that could reshape the Asian geopolitical order.

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Latest Article from Michael Rubin

Who Is Stopping Kurdish Leaders From Visiting the U.S.?

May 24, 2016  •  Newsweek

There's something strange going on at the State Department. Civil war continues unabated in Syria, peace talks and "ceasefire" notwithstanding. In Iraq, meanwhile, the fight against the Islamic State remains hampered not only by political chaos in Baghdad, but also by corruption both there and in Iraqi Kurdistan.

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